in collaboration with Hornet Plugins.

It was back in 1977 when my dad came back home with a vinyl and said “ you got to check this out, this guy makes music I have never heard before “ It was Jamming by Bob Marley and since then reggae has been a constant in my life.

I joined the international reggae star Alborosie’s band in 2015. I toured with them all over the world for years, I have been to Jamaica many times and I did many studio recording sessions with them. Thanks to that I got the chance to know and be around the best reggae artists in the world and eventually learn their secrets. In fact, I have learned all about playing upbeats with my guitar from Jamaican musicians and sound engineers.

I have always been drawn by roots reggae sounds like by Al Anderson’s and Julian ‘Junior’ Marvin’s style, those are guitarists who made Bob Marley and the Wailers music unique which ultimately inspired the sound and the characteristic of my new virtual instrument. 

Hornet Plugins and I worked hard together and we sampled a beautiful vintage Roland Jazz Chorus of the ‘70s.

Are you asking yourself why a JC?
All great reggae musicians have played it at least once in their life including Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Al Anderson, Junior Marvin, Ernest Ranglin, Earl Chinna Smith, Cat Core, Bradley Nowell, Robert Angus and many, many more.
Some of them still use it in our days.

Some guitarists think the JC amp tend to be dull and anonymous, so why is it so very much loved by reggae artists ? 

There are two main reasons.

First of all it’s a very trustworthy amp and it doesn’t require much servicing and that is why it’s approved by most Jamaican reggae sound engineers who specifically request a JC as a standard backline in reggae concerts.
Secondly a JC it’s a very good value for money, it provides a professional sound at a reasonable price and there are no extra costs for repair and servicing (no valves replacement and no periodical servicing).

We added an overdrive, more specifically a tube screamer to give our bundle a bolder sound. We recreated the sounds of a popular Japanese pedal producer which is selling since the beginning of 1980’s. 

You can easily recognize the pedal in many recordings and it is by far the favorite pedal of blues, rock and reggae guitarists.

The effect pedal slightly alter the guitar sound and it gives the amp valves a ‘boost’. 

We finished the effects range adding a vintage digital delay pedal effect for guitar which is either in synchro or added manually and an additional spring reverb (reggae/dub music normally needs reverb and delay)

This is ‘Jamming Rock’ and how we created an easy and essential instrument. 

Hornet Plugins and I gave it all ! 

you can find all the information on the page here:


I hope you like it!
One Love!